Understanding Smart Forms

To keep it simple, smart forms or electronic forms are a digital version of an existing process that relies on real-time answers to previous questions to dynamically change what the user sees next. It’s like someone sitting down with a user and saying ‘oh, we can skip this section, because it doesn’t apply.’ Only it happens automatically with every single user, every single time.

Since smart forms are a digital tool, there’s plenty of added functionality to provide a better user experience beyond only showing questions that are relevant to the user. For example, our forms can:

  • Pre-fill and auto-fill information from external sources, reducing how long it takes for forms to be completed.
  • Create questions that can be answered in different ways like multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, select from a dropdown, choose a picture, move a slider, select multiple options, or just type in an answer.
  • Validate answers with masks/pre-set validation rules, so users can’t enter incorrect information by accident (e.g. ID number validators, so you can’t accidentally type your ID incorrectly).

Smart forms or electronic forms make processes better and allow companies to bring a better user experience to their front end without overhauling (or even changing) their back end processes. Imagine a world without having to fill in pages and pages of forms with a pen.