Digital Business Cards

The year 2020 is definitely the year for smart paperless ways of doing business. Business cards have been a trusted tool for any business but with the fear of touching anything handed to you by another person, the way to rethink the age old business card proposition has become a very discussed topic.

We are have looked at several digital business card applications over the years but none of them really stood out until we found the Haystack App, an app that specialises in contactless virtual business cards.

Supporting over 8 million people across 60+ countries, the Haystack App has become the number one business tool for contactless and paperless business cards in the world. Their app is downloadable on Digital Business Card scanner for iOS, or the Digital Business card app for Android.

The Haystack App not only allows you to create content rich digital business cards that are shareable through almost every chat format you can think of, it also cleverly scans and saves printed business cards to you phone for easy accessibility.

If you have not looked at the Haystack App yet, please speak to us, we can have this application setup and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.