About Us

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Our Story

The year is 2004, Zuckerberg was probably still living at home and a 5mb line was fast.

Black Rocket was only a dream which was finally put to work in 2015. We have seen the evolution of digital communication, from html websites to full e-commerce platforms that is usable with a smartphone. The digital space is an ever changing environment.

Black Rocket is a specialist digital agency thats’ core focus is results. Our aim is grow and develop our clients’ digital footprint, that is not only effective but also sustainable into the future of constant change.

Super Efficient

In an age of change there is no time to waste, we pride ourself in our levels of efficiency and professionalism.

Deeply Committed

Our team takes accountability to another level, you are our client, we will ensure we deliver results.

Highly Skilled

With development and marketing skills that span over decades, we are skilled to develop and manage projects for any client need.